Sunday, November 07, 2010

sunshine always makes me smile

Oh, we have blue, blue skies today and these make me so happy. Yesterday's gardening was a great success, despite the drizzles. My dear husband spent the whole day pruning the lilly pillies and guess what we found? A dove nesting on three cute little eggs in the midst of the trees {that one didn't get so much of a prune...}. Bless!

I also managed to fit in a visit to the Olive Tree Markets down the street. Amazing. So many gorgeously crafted creations - including 50s style and pin-up-esque clothing and swimsuits. Squeee! I bought a pressie for a friend's new baby and plan on buying as many Christmas gifts for my nieces there as possible - you've got to support local creative types!

Today we have more gardening and a trip to the Farmer's Markets on the cards. Can we do turkish gozleme two days in a row for lunch? Um, yep, probably, it's damned addictive stuff.

I'd also like to spend a wee spot of time relaxing somewhere like this. Mmmmm.


  1. What a lovely, productive Saturday.

    The little nook in your photo looks like the perfect place to cuddle up with a great book and have a snooze after lunch today.

    Enjoy all that this day brings,

    Felicity x

  2. loving the sound of your weekend..

    We recently discovered a little nesting Honeyeater with her two eggs just by the front door...So sweet and actually quite amazing to see how they have put their little nests together!

    hope your weekend stays as lovely!

  3. Ooh, PPMJ, I'm such a sucker for blue and white! What a pretty photo. Was it taken at your place? If so, you're a lucky duck to have such a delightful spot. J x

  4. You have a dove! That's magic. You're so blessed.

    I noticed a change to the way your blog works today... x

  5. All is right with the world again...clean, folded washing from the line is now packed in our drawers. Thanks GOODNESS for that! Sounds like you have had a great weekend x

  6. Thank god for the sunshine...finally. I hope it sticks around, at least for a few weeks.


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