Tuesday, November 02, 2010

take 5

Honestly, how good are you at the five a day thing? You know, five serves of veg, and two of fruit? Do you manage it? I'm always struggling to find new and improved ways to boost our fruit and veg intake - but am always pushing the vege-phobes in my family to consume what I've prepared.

So I'm looking for some new side-serve options. I know the veg should take up half my plate, so I'm going to make it as gorgeously edible as possible. I went to a new cafe on Saturday and was very impressed with a salsa salad they'd made. Baby rocket {normally the bane of my life as it's often a dry, teetering pile of the stuff that just gets caught in my teeth}, roasted fresh corn kernals, an avocado 'dressing', little orange tomatoes and wafer-thin slices of red onion. Perfection. Almost all the colours of the vegie rainbow were represented, and oh, did it taste delicious.

That's my new aim. Something new, something vibrant and something tasty served up with each meal. I'm going to copy their salad tonight - but for the rest of the week? Well, stay tuned for my menu posting tomorrow - there will be innovation and inventiveness. Wish me luck.


  1. Oh lord, I would never dream of giving you cooking advice!! Good luck finding your side dishes. I find a 'side' of salad does the trick at mine. But we're a bit boring like that!!! x

  2. It's all about the gratin here. The amount of cauliflower consumed here last night was phenomenal.

    But then again, when does cheese not improve a food?

    Only other tip I have is herbs in salads. I am in love with lemon thyme.

  3. Oh Maxabella - I do need all the advice I can get!

    Jenn, I love a gratin, unfortunately the child does not. But oh, herbs - love a herb in anything. Will be throwing some into the salad tonight!

  4. Luck! I tend to integrate the veges in to make them less apparent, though I love a big plate of vegetables myself. Fruit, I'm not so good at.

  5. We go through phases of really great, healthy, mindful eating where we get tons of veg and fruit in . . . . and then not so much at all. Like lately, I think we've been off in fast food land near daily. Sickening and sad. I miss veg! I don't try very hard with Nolan to get him to eat more fruits and veggies but I do with the kids and myself. Soooooooo, I should get back to doing that. Uphill battle, I swear.

  6. We don't eat enough veggies at our house, but we are pretty good with fruit. I have been trying to increase our vegetable, but the kids are pretty resistant so far.

  7. try this yummy salad...eggplant with chickpeas: simply roast some eggplant in olive oil, chop up some garlic, spanish onion and heaps of corriander, with some perserved lemon and throw the whole lot together with a can of chickpeas and lemon/olive oil dressing....great with lamb cutlets, roast lamb or chicken...I think you will like it.


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