Wednesday, November 03, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

Okay, well as discussed yesterday, this week's meal planning is involving something different. Yep, now with more veg. Last night I started off the week with a couscous, roasted veg and chickpea salad {thanks Joanna!} served alongside our lamb steaks. Hello, did someone say delicious... Here's what we're eating this week:

Wednesday: Tonight I'm in the mood for a corn, avocado, baby tomato salsa salad. So what goes with that? Let's say pan roasted snapper fillets. Sound okay?
Thursday: French lessons = early dinner. Spaghetti bolognaise, easypeasy.
Friday: BBQ! I want to do some chilli lime squid and maybe garlic prawns. I think I'll serve these with a fennel and grapefruit salad, potato salad with chorizo and a big green salad.
Saturday: We've got so much gardening work to catch up on after last month's entertaining, golfing and visiting - so an easy dinner will be best. Chicken curry in the slow cooker, wilted greens {spinach, broccolini and peas with garlic and a wee smidgen of dried chilli flakes} and a rice pilaf {Indian-style} with plenty of veg to jazz it up.
Sunday: Roast dinner. Let's hope the markets are on. I'm feeling the need for roast beef, roasted beetroot, roasted carrots and a pea puree.
Monday: Twilight netball. Pork cutlets, with a waldorf style salad {baby spinach, red apple slices, walnuts, red onions and a mint and yoghurt dressing} and some beetroot and sweet potato chips that I'll roast in the oven.
Tuesday: Ballet night. Salmon patties, "coleslaw" {thinly sliced dark green cabbage, grated carrot, grated beetroot, thinly sliced spinach, thinly sliced radish, thinly sliced spanish onion, thinly sliced yellow capsicum and slivered almonds in a lemon and yoghurt dressing} and "potato salad" {roasted chat potatoes with a garlic, lemon and olive oil dressing}.


  1. Yum! I think I'll move into your place for the week.

  2. It all sounds lip smacking good!

  3. Don't forget to add finely chopped carrots, mushrooms, capsicum and... sweet potato to your spag bol. It's delicious and extra vegies!!

    I've realised as I lust over your weekly menus and sigh at my own, that it's a little bit in the marketing... your "pan roasted snapper fillets" is my "fish"... x

  4. They all sound sensational and oh so healthy.

  5. So tasty! You have inspired me to start thinking a little more carefully about our weekly menus. I'm no where near as organized as you yet but we're getting there!

  6. All sounds delish! You are so organised xx

  7. This all sounds delicious and so healthy.


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