Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

Busy will be the theme of What's Cooking Wednesday during the silly season. Which is why I'm totally and utterly besotted with the whole concept of meal planning. Knowing I'm going to be busy, and knowing that I have meals planned to prepare for this makes me happy. Here's what we'll eat this week - hopefully!
Tonight: Prawn and broccoli skewers on a lemony, herby rissoni salad.
Thursday: Gal at school disco, husband coming home late from a meeting in the big smoke, me at French lessons. Eep. He can cook himself a t-bone steak and some steamed microwave vegies. I'll have some yoghurt and salad.
Friday: Lamb, spinach and pinenut pies in a filo pastry next {I'm going to line cupcake cases with squares of filo pastry and blind bake them. Then I'll fill them with lamb mince cooked up with onions, garlic, grated carrot and some tinned tomatoes. Some toasted pine-nuts will add a new texture dimension. I'll serve it with a salad - tomato and onion with some fresh mint perhaps.
Saturday: My step-sister and her partner are visiting from Melbourne. We've got a lot of chatting and catching up to do so I'll prepare a couple of salads and do something on the bbq - standing beef rib roast perhaps and carve up a couple of viking cutlets when I serve. Are blood oranges in season? If so I want to make a blood orange tart. Mmmmm.
Sunday: Roast dinner. Chicken perhaps - lots of veg.
Monday: Final Twilight Netball for the year. Home-made pizza when we get home - home-made by husband and child I think.
Tuesday: Pork cutlets with gremolata and panko crust. Apple and red cabbage slaw. Lemon roast potatoes.

Yep, that'll do.


  1. Can I please have your prawn skewer recipe?
    P.s I am reading to move into your place.

  2. I think that's my dream kitchen. But maybe just a tad less pink.

  3. ha ha i love reading your meal plans for the week!
    i should probably do the same thing...

  4. Belinda, I didn't make it - they were out of fresh prawns - when I make it I'll send the recipe!

    LIAPF - a tad less pink? Really? Is there any such thing?

    Nicole, oh, it's addictive my lovely!


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