Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what's cooking this week?

And let the festivities commence. We're just home from dress rehearsal and photos for my daughter's ballet concert, and that always signifies the start of the festive season for me. Next week we've got the theatre rehearsal and then, before we know it - the concert. After seven years I'm finally getting the hang of it all: three dances mean three costume changes, but this year, there's only two hairstyle changes which is a bonus.

Here's what we're eating this week:
Wednesday: Chicken schnitzel, mash and broccoli.
Thursday: After a two-week absence I'm attending French lessons. Hubby can cook he and the gal steak and salad. Because it starts early and ends late I'll just have toast.
Friday: Prawn linguine
Saturday: We're off to our nephew's 4th birthday party at 4pm - so I imagine we'll just grab some takeaway on the way home.
Sunday: Pork belly and roasted vegies - have I been craving pork belly lately. Mmmmmm.
Monday: Theatre rehearsal from 4.30 to 7pm for the ballet concert. Something simple I think. Let's say bbq chicken salad.
Tuesday: Final ballet lesson for the year - chicken and chorizo bake with rice.



  1. Prawn linguine .... mmmmm
    Pork Belly ....ahhhh
    I so wish I lived at your house!!
    Sure beats me giving my kids breakfast cereal the other night because that was all we had. (I must add though that it was museli and cornflakes not coco pops or anything sugery!)

  2. Er - yum! Every week I view your menus and want to move in with you guys.

  3. I LOVE your menu. Could I please be gifted more information about your chicken & chorizo bake? Merci! xx

  4. Yum, we had pork belly last week and it tasted so good!


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