Thursday, November 25, 2010

the whole tooth

I remember when I was pregnant I spent a lot of time wishing and hoping that my child would have my husband's teeth. See, mine have caused me a lot of grief over the years, but realistically that's mainly because of antibiotics that I was given when I was a baby caused some of my second teeth to grow through weird. Luckily the stains and pitting are all covered up thanks to cosmetic dentistry. But my husband has lovely white, straight teeth - and I knew he'd never had braces - but I didn't know he'd had plenty of teeth removed.

Sure enough our child has inherited her father's teeth - and our dentist has inherited a patient who helps fund his European holidays. Yesterday I got a call from the school to say Miss A had chipped a tooth - but vertically, taking off a whole slice. Of course I quickly called the dentist to book in for an emergency appointment and picked up the gal.

The poor little poppet had to have the tooth removed - the third tooth she's had extracted as the damned things don't really like to come out on their own accord. That's three times I've held her hand while she's bravely had huge needles inserted in her gums and a tooth reefed out. Ouch.

But on the bright side, at least the tooth fairy pays double for an extraction...


  1. Kisses to you both.
    I had to have lots of teeth out when I was little :(

  2. How awful. She's so brave:) Thank goodness for the tooth fairies that double for extractions. What a great concept they've come up with.I think that's a new tooth fairy vocation, isn't it? LOL

  3. I am holding my mouth thinking of the pain when the tooth got hit. Fuck. Ouch. Fuckity fuck. Sorry for the swearing, that would hurt so much. And I have never had a filling or a tooth out, but can still feel the pain.

  4. What a lovely tooth fairy! Hope your gal is feeling good! xx.

  5. Oh dear, poor thing. But it sounds like she's been a very brave girl.

  6. OMG. I can't even begin to imagine how much that would hurt. Tooth Fairy better stump up big time.


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