Tuesday, December 28, 2010

clutter busting

Ooooh, we're doing some rather wonderful de-cluttering here at the moment. It started accidentally, on Christmas Eve when we couldn't find our gal's Santa sack. It just had to be in the linen closet - so I ended up throwing out every single towel and sheet in an attempt to find it {before remembering that I'd put it on my wardrobe so I wouldn't have this problem this year. Whoops}. But at least that left bare shelves that I could wipe down with lavender oil, and refold all the towels and sheets that got into a tangle. I ended up rewashing all the sheets, and now they're all organised and Martha-esque in categories of single, queen and blanket. Beautiful.

My husband's also ploughing through rooms while I work and we've been giving loads away on Freecycle. Our old trampoline went before Christmas to a family with five kids. Our exercise bike is being collected today by a man who's recovering from cancer and wants to get fitter - and our old coat rack is going to a girl who's chuffed as she's been searching for yonks.

Gotta love a clean-out!


  1. Ohhh that is exactly what I am doing now. Its a hassle to begin but once I start nothing is safe. Its such a great way to start the New year

  2. Cleanouts are so satisfying and it's lovely that your things are going to such nice, new homes. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to visiting far more frequently in 2011! xx


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