Monday, December 27, 2010

feeling festive, then flop

Oh, this is that odd time of year isn't it? Surely you should still feel all festive, you know, gearing up to new years and all. Instead, it's kind of like some limbo-land. Certain businesses and cafes close, people are in holiday-mode, while others {such as myself} are still working.

Thank goodness I'm working from home. A few years back, when I still caught the train down to the big smoke two-days-a-week, I went to work on Boxing Day {ah journalism - two guaranteed days off a year, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day}. So I get off the train and realise that virtually every cafe in Surry Hills has closed over the break - eep. No coffee, and no food! Thank goodness a trek around the suburb revealed something open.

Well it's rainy here today, and a little bit gloomy. My husband has this week off so he's on gal-entertaining duty while I work.

Now, finally, onto these shoes. Should I have a glamorous New Years bash to attend these would be just the shoes to do it in. Instead, this year I think it's just me, hubby and the gal - and some french bubbles while we watch the fireworks on telly. Bliss.



  1. Sounds delightful. For me I will imagine I will attend a fantastic party in these shoes, which are gorgeous, in truth I will be hanging out on the farm with my 4 babes and hubby - and definately some french bubbles.

  2. Me Likey! Wish I had something fabulous to wear those shoes to too!

    I hope you had a great Christmas, I know what you mean about the limbo week between Christmas and New Years. I've got the week off and thankfully the hubby has gone from night shift to day shift for the week, so he'll be home by 2:45pm each day. Tempted to stay up late and sleep till he gets home, hehe!

    Don't work too hard and take lots of breaks! :)

  3. No plans yet. BUT I have a fab dress and new shoes should I require them.

    I'm like a scout. Always prepared.

  4. Feeling quite flat! NYE will be with family at the beach house! Enjoy! xx.


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