Friday, December 17, 2010

flowers for friday

My hydrangea from last year is still kicking on. Still teensy, but it does have flower heads {these are from last year}. Hopefully a bit more love, water and sunshine and they'll take off.

It's my gal's birthday party today. The rainbow cake's made {and looks awesome!}, cupcakes are baked and all the shopping's done. All we have to do is cut up the salad stuff {vegies and fruit} and throw a few things in the oven at 5.30. Oh, and cross all our fingers and toes that the sun breaks through this grey old day. Pool parties could quite do with some sunshine - even some twilight ones!


  1. Have a great time! Fingers crossed for some sunshine for you and make sure you take a pic of the cake :) xx

  2. I love hydraengas. Ours are just about finished, but they've been lovely.

    I hope you and your gal have a fab day, they're saying the sun is supposed to burn through this cloud.

  3. Gorgeous flowers!! Hope the sun breaks through for your pool party. Have my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Though she may not think it, I believe your girl may just have the best birthday date ever. What a great way to celebrate summer, finishing school and a week before Xmas to boot. Twilight pool parties are completely underrated IMHO.

  5. All this rain, my hydrangeas are going OFF! And I saw that a bunch of hydies at Garland (Gaaaaarland, darling) is FIFTY BUCKS so I'm looking out my window (and okay, over the balcony and down) at about FIVE THOUSAND BUCKAROOS. If I was a florist. Which I'm not. Sadly.

    Enjoy the party!!!!!!!! x

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful 'gal', Mary-Jane. Fingers crossed the sun shines, but the party will be a smash hit regardless with you running it! A big bouquet right back at 'cha.

    Deb x

  7. Happy birthday to your special girl. Hope you're all having a lovely time.


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