Wednesday, December 08, 2010

frock on

So, you know how I hate shopping - but love an accidental buy? Well, how's this? Today's my daughter's ballet concert, so OF COURSE her jazz shoes decided to spontaneously combust in an extraordinary fashion and need replacing. On the day of the concert.

Well, we dashed into the new, cheaper ballet shop in town, bought a new pair of jazz shoes that may last her into early next year and as we were leaving I spied a gorgeous floral frock hanging in Tree of Life. C'mon, who can ignore a floral frock? So I grabbed it from the rack, and then spied another nearby - with POM POMS on the hem. Now, I do love me some haberdashery so I thought I'd best try it on too.

Do I love? OH I love. The perfect summer sundress with pink roses, cotton crochet work, pretty buttons, a full skirt, pom poms AND rik rak.

You know that party I'm going to on Saturday? Well, now I have a party frock. Colour me happy!


  1. Rik rak! Wheeeee! That in and of itself makes me squeal!

  2. Well done!! I love a good frock.
    Actually going to go shopping for a couple of Christmas frocks next week! I hope I have your luck.


  3. Incidental shopping is pretty much the only kind that I subscribe to and I'm loving your finds!

    Felicity x

  4. Gotta love a good frock' ... and especially when you dont mean to find one, but its the perfect one. Yay for some warm weather to wear pretty dresses!!

  5. You know how I feel about this. FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC. Haberdashers. Hehe.

  6. Oh how I love a spontaneous buy. Especially a PERFECT one. Yay for you.

  7. I was THE child who always lost shoes, on days of concerts, eisteddfords, etc:

    Whoo hoo to your finds! xx.


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