Monday, December 20, 2010

a good drying day

Well the weather mightn't be what we'd expect for this time of year, but today was what is known in the trade as "A Good Drying Day". Bright blue sky, a little warmth - and winds - lots of wind.

A good drying day makes me happy. I love hanging out clothes and towels knowing they're going to be lovingly dried by the wind. Ideally I'd have done some sheets - but that wasn't to be. Is it too much to ask for another Good Drying Day tomorrow?

{and another thing I'd like to ask for is this laundry - prettiness!}


  1. How gorgeous is that laundry!
    I love days like these for washing. Everything is crisp and smells fresh.
    Love it! X

  2. A 'good drying day'... I am remembering my Grandma. x

  3. Am I strange? I like doing the laundry, and with a laundry like that there'd be no stopping me!

  4. So, you're obviously not living in Melbourne where I actually cannot remember the last good drying day. But happy for you. Quietly jealous though ;) xx

  5. I had exactly the same thought this morning - and then had to hang everything out with three pegs to ensure it didn't fly to the coast. But it dried. Oh boy did it dry!

  6. We have had a day of heavy rain, and wind. No blue sky's in Melbourne. I even had the heater on most of the day it was so cold.


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