Tuesday, December 14, 2010

how many sleeps?

How are you going with the Christmas craziness? Today's our last day of school, and last night we had the school christmas concert {which was just adorable}. I think I'm all prepared for my gal's birthday party Friday night. I've ordered the Sushi platter, I'm going to buy in some honey soy chicken wings {Christmas is nothing if not a time to be realistic}, and we've bought the gift bags, complete with rainbow coloured nailpolishes. Thursday night will be cooking night when we'll bake the rainbow cake {yes, I'll post pics} and make the pesto and cheese and the pizza pinwheels.

Phew. So how goes it with you?


  1. Wow you are one organised cookie!
    The party sounds delish.

    Felicity x

  2. Sounds like a fantastic party! I'd like one of those party bags!


  3. Sounds more organised than me!! We have bubby's 2nd birthday on Friday & hubby's fortysomething birthday on Sunday....have cake planned for both & working on menu for combined party today!! No gift bags to organise. Luckily have access to some excellent food, so it's mainly a matter of picking out the freshest/yummiest looking & deciding how to present it!!

  4. How is it going? I feel like I am swimming in wet cement. Good luck with the party!
    Love Mrs Woog xo

  5. It's going to be a fantastic party, can't wait to see the pics. I am decidedly less busy than you are, but I would love to be able to say "11 more sleeps" and actually know that I would be getting 11 more... not too much sleeping going on at our place :( x

  6. Invitation please! Mr6's birthday is just after Christmas. We haven't done a party for a while. Every year I say 'maybe next year' and then it gets swallowed up in the general melee. But next year. For sure.

  7. Thanks Felicity!x

    Corinne, they're mighty cute!

    Wow, The Fresh Ingredient, you sound even more busy than me - but yes, lucky you not having far to go with your shopping!

    Mrs Woog, I'm starting to feel like my cement has set!

    Maxabella, I feel for you on the no-sleep situation. Hope it reverses itself soon x

    LIAPF, I can't help myself - I always do a party. I think it's because I do so love the whole baking a cake thing!


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