Monday, December 13, 2010

monday, hello?

Wow, now that's what I'd call a weekend. Our lunch for our friend's 30th was amazing. The venue was divine - and the food! We started off with zucchini flowers stuffed with a ricotta and heavenly truffle mixture, which were then encased in a seasoned tempura batter and served on a bed of wilted bitter greens. Divine. Then we had mahi mahi fillets, perfectly cooked, accompanied by rosemary and garlic roasted veg and an incredible 'coleslaw'. Mmmmm. The meal was finished off with a delicious pear and ricotta tart. Oh yes. Then we kicked on at a very fashionable Surry Hills pub, spied a few MasterChef alumni {Adam, bless, Callum, bless, and Matt, um, not so bless. Seriously, dude, sunglasses after dusk?}. We kicked on till close enough to midnight to satisfy and then wandered back to our hotel.

Next morning we found the most divine cafe housed in a gorgeous old weatherboard house - RoboCog - owned by the friendliest bike-loving, robot-loving guys you'll ever meet. We'd stopped in for a quick coffee on the Saturday afternoon and when we rocked in with our friends the waiter greeted us like long-lost friends and remembered out coffee order. Bless. I wanted to take him home...

Now, onto important things: these shoes. They're by Alexandre Birman and I think they'd make me mighty happy should they ever find their way onto my feet. Aren't they just the most glorious shade of smile-inducing tangerine?


  1. my mouth is literally watering after reading that menu! and it is breakfast time here...

    fabulous shoes as always! tangerine is such an amazing color...always make me feel warm and happy!

    Gill xo

  2. Sounds like a FAB weekend! Hope the week is just as good and shoes? LOVE. Love me some tangerine...

  3. Oh yes, breakfast here too, but I'm oohhing and aahhring and now heading to the kitchen to see what i can find (obviously nothing even close to that, but still, porridge will have to do the trick!!) What a great weekend you've had. AND those shoes ROCK! Yes, hello Monday!!

  4. That sounds fantastic! And those shoes... good enough to eat!

  5. Gill, Oh, it was GOOOOOOOOOOD. Tangerine is just perfection isn't it?

    Beth, t'was and is good.

    Alison, shoes, totally and utterly rock. Hard.

    MM, yep, edible allright!


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