Thursday, December 16, 2010

money matters

At this time of the year I tend to get a bit reflective when I have a spare moment. There's nothing like Christmas craziness to make you assess what's important. Last year, when I was frantic around Christmas I asked myself a question, "If I don't do this will anybody cry or die?" if the answer was no, then obviously it wasn't worth bothering myself over.

Lately I've been pondering money, and what's worth spending money on. Obviously I feel very strongly that holidays are the perfect thing to spend money on: you're broadening your horizons, experiencing something new and creating memories that'll last long after you've paid the bills. Our holiday next year in France and England is going to be worth every cent - and I'm determined to savour every second.

It's interesting to watch people and ponder their priorities. I never like to judge, we're all different and we all have differing things that make us happy. But sometimes you've got to wonder how many people really stop and think about what makes them happy. Truly happy.

Is it a high paying or high status job that means they have to spend hours and hours and hours working? And when they stop working how often do they immerse themself in something that makes them feel joyous? That money they're earning, are they spending it on something that makes them smile?

I'm working hard at the moment. Harder than I have in a long time. I'm doing something I've never really done before and it's a steep learning curve. But it's enjoyable. I'm creating something and feel like I'm achieving. I'm also making sure I still spend time doing things that matter. Today I took a break and went and swam some laps in the pool. I love our pool, and our backyard, every dollar we poured into it was worth it. I loved swimming those leisurely laps, and tomorrow I'll swim with my gal, watching her do handstands, racing her and then sitting by the side while she plays her imaginary mermaid games.

You can't put a price on those moments.

They're what make me happy.


  1. You're so very right. And isn't it always the simplest of pleasures that give us the most joy...and bang for our buck!

  2. What a great post. I reflect this time of year and ponder.
    Enjoy your swim and time with your beautiful girl. X

    P.s We had our first family holiday this year. Cannot believe we didn't do it sooner. Holidays are great investments.

  3. I agree that holidays are a wonderful investment. I love knowing we are creating memories :)

  4. This is such a wonderful post, you've made me a little weepy.

    Tomorrow my baby turns 2, in the last 2 years so much has happened, good & bad.

    After writing & delivering my dad's eulogy 4 months ago I realised that the memories & high spots for me in my nearly 40 years with him were all about the time we spent together, going fishing, dancing in the lounge room, working in the garden, holidays (there weren't many, but the ones we shared were so special). I keep trying to savor the small moments that I know my bubbies will think back on & enjoy, I try to create special moments for them, but often the cares of the world intrude.

    Let's all remember that our kids want us & fun with us, not the prestige we get from a career, or a monetary legacy (I don't give a damn about my dad's estate - I would love to have had more time with him - money can't buy that!!).

    Now not weepy, tears are pouring down my face!

  5. Egads, lady, you are far too sensible and practical for this time of year. BUT, 100% agree with you. I generally do my reflecting in January after the orgy of Christmas has passed, but I have to say that I am generally not a crazy purchasing person. I don't have the funds! x

  6. You're right. Everyone has their own priorities.

    I've thought about this too. It seems strange, doesn't it, to try and make more and more money so you can buy more and more stuff. It's just stuff.

    I think I'm fairly conservative with my money. I don't spend a lot on clothes or luxury items. I introduced a $50 limit for Hubby and I to spend on each other's Xmas present. Why spend money for the sake of spending it? The joy of gift giving and opening a pressie is just as nice when it's a few little things you'll love. I don't spend much on the kids either. I once sat with a woman and watched her tick off items in a toy catalogue - she said her husband had given her a $1000 limit for each child. Yikes! We barely spend over $100!

    Each to their own. :)


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