Monday, December 06, 2010

school daze

One thing I'm ever-so-looking-forward-to is the end to all the teetering piles of school stuff around my house. The bag, the lunchboxes, drink bottles, 8000 pencil cases, pieces of paper... And having to keep track of said stuff. Oy.

But wouldn't these pretty railway shelves help? And a retro Cath Kidston backpack would make clutter seem cuter would it not? Once again - why do I not live in London?


  1. Those shelves are cool!! And none of that stuff looks like clutter to me. It's far too pretty!

  2. So cute. I stash all of the school paraphenalia in the massive big drawers that I commissioned under my bookshelves for just that purpose. Each child has a drawer and away goes the clutter. Love it. x

  3. Gorgeous picture. I too believe I belong in England.
    I can't wait for the school year to be over!

  4. Cute as. But you don't live in London cos the weather is super crapola. The bestie says it's the worst in the whole 10+ years she's lived there at the moment. LOVE Maxabellas idea btw. x


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