Sunday, December 05, 2010

to market, to market

Markets have seriously taken off in Newcastle. There's the Farmer's Markets held nearly every Sunday which are our must-visit place, there's the Red Lantern Markets in Hunter Street Mall which we experienced last weekend {fabulous: glowing red lanterns strung from trees and stalls, rickshaw rides and plenty of amazingly crafted or interesting products}. Then, last night my gal and I hit the Olive Tree Twilight Markets while hubby played golf and caught up with friends.

We saw some gorgeous things, nibbled on salted caramel macarons {oh MY!} and finished off with some gozleme for dinner. Perfection. And they're so well-patronised it makes my heart sing. After spending far too much time in the soulless expanse of the local shopping centre {with stupid concrete paving that makes your back, knees and ankles ache if you shop for any period of time} it's nice to connect with the people who make what they love - and then sell it to those who also fall in love.


I'm doing a smidgen of work this morning, then we're off to the Farmer's Markets to stock up on gallstone friendly fruits and vegies - and hopefully buy one last pesky pressie. Then it's back to spend the afternoon working to finally make up for my sick day on Tuesday.

Oh, and in exciting news my gal's party's all set. Invites are made, magnetic strips stuck on back and they're in envelopes ready to be hand-delivered this afternoon. We've also decided on the menu: sushi, honey soy chicken, salad and fruit platters and pizza pinwheels and cheese and pesto pinwheels. Sorted! That's one more tick for the month which makes me very happy indeed.


  1. I had customers at the Handmade Market in Canberra telling me about the great new markets in Newcastle. Sounds brilliant, love Posie

  2. They're just fabulous Posie - hope you had success at yours! x

  3. I love me a good market. I love the European and Asian ones, but in Australia, I love farmer's markets and homemade markets. Today I went to Rocklea markets in Brisbane. It's not always pretty, but there are serious bargains to be held.


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