Sunday, December 05, 2010

well heeled

These YSL wedges have taken to seriously rocking my world. These with an electric blue maxi dress would make sumer seem so much more sensational don't you think?

I've realised that next weekend we've got a friend's birthday do, his 30th mind, in a very swooshy Surry Hills venue. And do I have anything suitably swooshy and Surry Hills-esque? I think not. Eeeep. Surely something will leap out of my wardrobe for me before the day - won't it?


  1. You could always go shopping. How woudl the knee feel if you were in those shoes?

  2. I could E...

    And I think my knee would be very happy for my feet in these shoes - surely it's an unselfish knee?

  3. Too too gorgeous!
    Perhaps Santa could stop by early and deliver these snappy sandals to you?

    I can see them getting plenty of wear over summer at all sorts of functions and you receiving lots of compliments 'to boot' [sorry].

    Come on Santa, play along!

    Felicity x

  4. Love them. They look very stylish and comfy too!


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