Friday, December 10, 2010

well stocked

Oh, I'm so loving having my parents up at the moment. Mum's been cleaning and I have a sparkling clean bathroom for the first time in eons and floors that are mopped when they need it, not after me stepping over it saying, "Damn, I really need to mop that floor". We've also moved our newest bookshelf into the kitchen for the time being. And look, I've set it up with all the essentials {including the ingredients for a violette martini - vodka, cointreau and violette syrup!}.

Cookbooks need to be moved to lower shelves, but that can be done later. Oh, I am loving this sense of order. Do you think I can convince them to stay?


  1. I'll be there in 10 for one of those martinis!

    How good are are mums??

  2. Ooh that all sounds too good.
    A mop-wielding Mum [I too love a clean bathroom but it often falls to the bottom of the list - Santa close your ears], and violette martinis.

    I must admit I've never heard of these before but will be challenging my bartender to find a bottle of the syrup so that I too can partake in some of this delish!

    Enjoy your family time,

    Felicity x

  3. mums rock don't they! Mine only has to step across the front door and things are fixed. enjoy those martinis xx

  4. oooh you should send her to my place ha ha!!
    i'm off to the market to find a bottle of violette syrup now, a violette martini sounds like the perfect cocktail!

  5. oooh I love it when mum's come to stay and just potter around and make everything lovely :) Never heard of voilette syrup before, where have I been? Sounds delish xx

  6. Your own personal housework fairy - oh so lucky you are :O)

  7. I am insanely jealous of your parents. Can I borrow them for a weekend? When my mum stayed she did cook but messed up the place like mad and I'd have to spend hours cleaning up afterwards. She is so vain that she thinks she doesn't need glasses - i even found a stick of butter in a cookbook!


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