Wednesday, December 01, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

Happy first of December everyone. And I would say, "Happy first day of Summer" but if your place is anything like my place {cold, soggy} then that's not the best idea...

I went to the Dr last night and he seems to think I might have a problem with my gall bladder - hence the continued sickness {noice} so until I have an ultrasound and confirmation I'll be keeping the cooking pretty fat-free. We don't really have high fat foods {except when I go out and pounce on pork belly and duck confit} so hopefully I won't have to change my menu plans too much. Here's the plan:
Wednesday: grilled lime and garlic chicken breast strips with salad.
Thursday: second last French class of the year. Am I speaking fluently? I am not... But I have improved. Dinner, I'll have some fruit and low fat yoghurt because it starts so early.
Friday: We're off to a friends' housewarming party to a German BBQ they won at the school ball auction. Chances of finding low-fat food at a German BBQ? Yep, slim. Oh well, you've gotta live...
Saturday: BBQ Salmon and salad. My gal loves salmon, so I really should make an effort to serve it up more often for her.
Sunday: Guess the traditional roast isn't an option. Grilled lean steak and salad perhaps?
Monday: No more twilight netball {hurrah!} let's have lamb rump with salad tonight.
Tuesday: A poached chicken breast salad tonight - with mango, pink grapefruit and baby spinach.
On wednesday my parent's fly in from Melbourne, so it's a week of vegetarian meals while they're with us. It's my gal's ballet concert on Wednesday night - so I might make a couple of tarts to have cold with some salad after the concert. Yes?

Enjoy your week.


  1. You know your food menus for the week are torture for us reluctant cooks. I must never show my husband what you're having at yours as I'm sure he would be over in a shot with a bunch of flowers!!

    How cute is that kitchen-diner? I love a bit of check. x

  2. Sounds fab-o to me!

    Hope you're better soon. At least the problem is pinpointed and something can be done!

  3. Do you know my friend Sarah lowered her problems with her gall bladder dramatically by sipping three teaspoons of fresh lemon juice in the mornings (I suspect you could dilute it with hot water for a bit of a tea like effect and by eating 1-2 small apples a day? SERIOUSLY. Her dr was shocked by how much improvement she saw. She does the lemon thing 3 days on, 2 days off, repeat. Apples daily though.

  4. Hi! Just wanted to share with you that my mum had gall bladder issues last year and that most meat set her off, not just the rich stuff, and dairy did too, so be careful!

    Hope you're feeling on top of things soon.


  5. Oh Maxabelle, surely you jest... And yep, I too am quite fond of a check.

    Jodie, I do seem to be on the mend - finger's crossed the ultrasound does its stuff.

    Sara Rose, thank you - I'll give anything a shot.

    Thanks Linda, I'm going to really cut down the dairy and the meat if that's the case - and up the fibre!


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