Wednesday, December 08, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

Okay, it's that time again. What we're eating this week. This time it's going to be a little different than usual. I called my doctor today to finally ask after the results of the ultrasound. As expected I have one enormous gallstone. Just the one. He told me to avoid tomatoes, cucumber and onions. ONIONS. People, how am I to cook without onions? And salad without cucumber and tomato - oh, you know I'm crappy with salads - this is going to really force me to spread my wings... Also, my mum and step-dad are with us for a week which means vegetarian meals are on the menu - and hopefully my step-dad will be doing a lot of that cooking!
Wednesday: it's the night of the ballet concert. Hurrah. It finishes at 8pm so we're all coming back here for dinner. Think I'll have a salad ready and pizzas ready to go into the oven.
Thursday: My last French class of the year - everyone can fend for themselves, I'll be nibbling on a wee spot of French goodies I'll imagine.
Friday: There's a Twilight gathering down the road - with latin dancing, and other festivities. Best have an early BBQ and go check it out.
Saturday: Hubby and I are off to Sydney for a friend's 30th. Bless. I think I'll send my parents and my gal out to the Red Lantern Twilight Markets.
Sunday: My gal's performing in a choir at a local church service. Hello picnic dinner.
Monday: Um, my gal's school Christmas Concert. Yep, picnic dinner again.
Tuesday: Parent's last night - some kind of vegetarian feast is called for.

Whew - busy much?

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  1. Ouch: Gallstones hurt.I hope it breaks down and passes or whatever is goign to happen quickly for you.

    That is a very busy week. I hope you get to enjoy all the happenings adn that your Girl has fun at her performance/s.


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