Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

Well, it's 5.45am and I'm just back from dropping my parents at the airport. What a lovely week's holiday we've had. Sure, I was working while they were here - but at least I got to have coffee and lunch breaks with them which I wouldn't have if I were working in an office. After a week of functions, picnics and outings it's time to get back into some form of reality. Here's what we'll eat this week:

tonight: chicken provencale with roasted vegies and green salad
Thursday: Husband's off to a cocktail party {as you do} and the gal and I shall be baking cupcakes and birthday cake. I think I'll do some salmon on the bbq.
Friday: The big birthday party - 5pm to 8pm. We'll be eating party food - but as there's sushi on the menu that's not a bad thing at all.
Saturday: Nothing planned - bliss. Easy dinner of lime and pepper chicken breasts on the bbq with a shredded vegie salad.
Sunday: I have a hankering for seven hour leg of lamb - so that is what I shall be cooking.
Monday: poached chicken, mango and avocado salad.
Tuesday: Let's try for fish on the bbq again - a white fish this time. And mango salsa {c'mon, it's mango season, best make the most of it...}
Then Wednesday my hubby's out with some boys - so we gals and the kidlets are catching up at a friends for dinner and bubbles and swimming. Noice.



  1. Always makes me SO hungry this post of yours...

    Tonight we are having panko chicken breast Schnitzels and salad. Tomorrow night could well be pizza night as we are up in Sydney for all of the weekend with lots of dinners/lunches out. Next week I need to focus on salads and light food in the lead up to "pork" overload.

  2. As a Librarian & a Children's one at that - I Love that book...esp the fact that Barbie on the cover hasn't been siliconed!!
    Yes it's mango season & yes they are great...very spoilt - always have one in the fruit bowl & one in the fridge, my bubbies love mango puree!


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