Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

Obviously not a great deal is cooking this week as it's nearly Christmas {squeee!} . However, this year I'm determined to be organised and ensure we actually have food in the house for Boxing Day {I always forget, and as we have Christmas lunch and dinner at my in-laws we have no leftovers}. I imagine there'll be plenty of liquid refreshments on offer, so here's what I'll be whipping up.

Wednesday: we're off to a friend's house for a Christmas celebration - just the mums and kids while the dads do dinner together. It's going to be really simple - we're ordering in pizza. However, I am bringing a pudding - so I might just do a special christmas ice cream mix... And champagne, natch.
Thursday: it's the Twilight Farmer's Market so we'll be eating there {gozleme probably - we're all addicted} and I'll be buying some saltbush lamb and Burrawang's Spring Hill Beef for meals later in the week.
Friday: Christmas Eve! We're off to a Carols in the Park event down at the beach. So a picnic's in order. Then we're off to my in-law's for supper. I'm taking Turkey meatballs with a mint and cranberry dipping sauce this year. Mmm.
Saturday: Christmas Day - hurray!
Boxing Day: Salad and whatever meat I've picked up at the market.
Monday: Meat from the market again, and more salad.
Tuesday: BBQ I think - let's hope the weather thinks so too.


  1. I've been loving watching Nigella Express with my little pinks of late. Love her style of cooking. Your menu sounds good. We're having christmas day here - so it will be left overs for boxing day for us.

  2. Picnics and BBQs at Christmas!!! It seems like a different world! A yummy one though!

  3. Delicious... and the food's not bad either! (I know I sound like a horny old codger, but there is just something about Nigella, no?) x

  4. Sounds like a little 'down time' in the kitchen this week for you. Yay to that! A well-deserved break.

    We are off to Fiji - 8 whole days with no kitchen duties! Double yay to that!

    Oh and Nigella. Completely love her but does she not get tired in all that shapewear?


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