Wednesday, December 29, 2010

what's cooking wednesday

Can you believe that this is the kitchen in the apartment we didn't rent in Paris? I know, it's spectacularly gorgeous, and I'm totally copying it in my home one day {ps: this apartment had black and white striped bedroom walls and the most incredibly gorgeous white, wingbacked, buttoned, leather headboard over the bed - to die! - but I love the apartment we're renting more. After all, who cooks in Paris?}

Anywho - this week. What's cooking.
Tonight: simple lamb steaks, couscous and a carrot salad. Why carrots? Because I have a huge bag of them in the crisper...
Tomorrow: it's my gal's 11th birthday! Hurrah!! To celebrate we're following tradition and heading out to our fave French restaurant - Bistro Tartine. Hmmm, pork belly, duck confit or steak? Decisions, decisions...
Friday: um, that'll be new years eve. A quiet one for us. Nibbles and champagne by the pool followed by fireworks on telly. Bliss.
Saturday: let's start the new year with a healthy mango, poached chicken and avocado salad shall we?
Sunday: no farmer's markets {sob}. I think I'll do a standing rib roast on the bbq with a few salads on the side - one roasted vegie, one wilted greens and lemon zest.
Monday: caramelised pork, sushi rice and wilted greens
Tuesday: something from Nigella's Kitchen - a present Santa very kindly bought my gal. Bless.


  1. Oh yum! Every meal sounds beautiful. Nigella's Kitchen has some great recipes, doesn't it? Pick a recipe any recipe and it'll be yummo!

  2. Clearly you are correct, the kitchen is fab but if in Paris, why cook? :)

  3. Ohh La La - what a delicious kitchen. Love Bistro Tartine - enjoy!


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