Saturday, January 01, 2011

11 things...

Like many, I'm not a fan of the new year's resolution - however, the new year plan I like very much indeed. I like having goals, and working toward them. It's always baby steps, which is why goals kick the ass of resolutions - resolutions are all "I will do this" whereas goals are "I'm moving toward this..." much better.

Here's my aim for this year {and why yes, I am being cheaty and adding things I've already put in motion - half the fun of lists is the retrospective adding and crossing off}.
1. I aim to stress less. I don't like being stressed, it doesn't suit me. And apparently when I'm stressed my eyes do this weird, fast darty thing - that can't be good.

2. I aim to move more. I love walking, love it. So this year I plan on doing a lot more of it. I'd like to think every day, but I'm aiming for just a lot more of it.

3. Love more. I want everyone close to me to know how special they are. Whether it's with a look, a touch or a smile - I want them to know every day what they mean to me.

4. Dance more. Dancing's the best, it makes me smile. I aim to organise or participate in events that involve dancing - or at the very least, pop in my Zumba dvds and get myself moving around my living room.

5. Laugh more. Every smile is a gift, and a laugh is an even greater one - I'm going to look on the funny side of everything.

6. Talk more. Call my friends and chat.

7. Study more. My husband bought me another year of French lessons - this year I'm going to dedicate an hour a week to homework to let some of the learning sink in.

8. More music. Love music - never listen to it often enough. Must rectify that.

9. Surround myself with all that is splendid. Sounds marvelous doesn't it?

10. Prepare for Paris. I don't want to miss a second that we're spending in my favourite city - so this time I'm going to work out exactly where I want to explore - and spend hours walking around it.

11. Aim for excellence. I want to sit back and smile at everything I offer up knowing it's as excellent as I could make it. Whether it's work, a blog post, a cuddle or a meal - why do it if you don't do it as well as humanly possible?

So, what do you think? Achievable?


  1. That is a truly wonderful list! I know you'll make all of those special things happen in 2011!

  2. What a fabulous list! I know you'll be able to cross off each and every one.

    Happy new year, gorgeous lady! x

  3. A truly achievable list of fabulous goals and what rich rewards there will be as you mark them off.

    x Felicity

    PS What a sensational photo you've added today, a terrific incentive to achieve your Parisian goal!

  4. That sounds like a great list. I imagine each thing on it will be accomplished this year, for you. i love the idea of goals rather than resolutions too. Resolutions so lack flexibility, especially when it could be: lose 10 kgs and then, sitting in front of me I find a packet of chocolate bullets, fresh out of the freezer. Agh!
    So goals it is for me this year too.

  5. Oh what a great list of 11 for 2011. Enjoy achieving them all .... what a great journey you are on. Paris hey - fabulous. I was their back in 1992 and loved it. (OMG nearly 20 years ago.) Looking forward to following along to see and hear you dance and laugh and speak french as the year progresses. Hey how about a blog post in French?

  6. Fab! Love it all! Especially the love more, it's so important to let our loved ones know xx

  7. Fantastic things to do this year. I have borrowed your idea and am having goals not resolutions.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. Excellent goals, and I totally agrea with you about setting goals rather than making resolutions. And the retrospective list crossing-off!

  9. Oh I think this is just perfect. And I'm looking forward to (more of) your blog in 2011!

  10. Now that is one fun list!! Dance more, laugh more, love more .... perfect!


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