Monday, February 28, 2011

the big o!

Looks I luuuuuuuuurve on the Oscar's red carpet.

that's better...

There are some things in life that you just need to do - and girly catch-ups are one of them. After an incredibly fabulous weekend {it's okay, this is my final mention...} I feel so refreshed and so much happier.

I still continue to be amazed at how much you can have in common with people you meet via blogging. Although really, it makes total sense. Reading blogs is the best insight into so many aspects of a person - it's much easier to get a complete picture of a blogger than someone who meet up with every now and again in real life.

I'm so happy I started blogging three years ago - and that you guys started blogging as well. It's given me the opportunity to 'meet' some amazing people.

So, hands-up who's up for the next catch-up?

Friday, February 25, 2011

flowers for friday

Mmmmm, lilacs - just one of my favourite flowers. But the only time I get to experience them is when I visit the Southern Highlands - which I don't mind as it gives me an excuse to visit one of my favourite parts of the world. The gorgeous flowers are just one of the things I love so much about the region. It's such a special place.

But you know what makes visiting one of your favourite parts of the world even better? Catching up with some of your favourite people in the world - that's what. So this weekend I sure will be counting my blessings as I visit my favourite village in Australia and catch up with two of my favourite bloggers, and now good friends.

Lucky, lucky, lucky me.

house work

I've written a lot of articles over the years about organisation, staying stress-free, finding focus etc and I do try to always put some of the advice the experts have offered into action. It doesn't always work of course - so many times I find myself on auto-pilot just doing the craziest of things. But I'm not letting it bother me, I'm just going to give myself a firm talking to - and get back on track.

I have been busy lately, more so than I've ever been. And yet, things are going okay. We've eaten tasty, healthy meals, my daughter's been organised for school and the house is decent enough - not fabulous - but decent enough. You know, floors are clean, so are sheets, towels, surfaces etc...

My new aim is to treat any cleaning like I would any work. Allocate time to it and do it one task at a time. I'm also doing that with exercise. On the days my husband doesn't ride his bike {those very, very rare days...} I'm going to get up early and go for a walk or a ride. I did it this morning and feel just fabulous.

I'm prioritising health, happiness and getting this done. That sounds like a plan doesn't it?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

playing dress-ups

There are a few events on my horizon that require frocking up. Tomorrow night I'm off to dinner with my old friends and workmates, Saturday night I have a fabulous catch-up and next weekend we're off to the races. But here's the dilemma - I hate shopping.

So I'm hoping to go with fabulous accessories a la Lea Michelle's gorgeous lips and incredible shoes at the Grammys. Glossy hair, a popping lip colour and great shoes can overshadow a much-worn outfit non?

{That said, I'm sooooooo in love with this frock - perfection}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

Even though I'm pretty sure that last week I would have only managed around a 50 per cent success-rate with cooking to my plan, I'm still going to persist. Some weeks I manage to cook 100 per cent of the recipes on the list, others it can be as low as 25 per cent when life gets in the way... Here's what I'm going to attempt this week:
Wednesday: My gal's got a fitness and footwork session for netball, followed by umpiring classes. She'll be starvational when she gets home. So I'll have a beef curry and rice ready to serve - cooked in the slow cooker I think. Mmmmmm. Let's hope that we've got another cold day in store.
Thursday: Ballet class for the gal, so salmon patties, green beans, sweet potato chips and mash will be the flavour of today.
Friday: I'm off to Sydney for dinner to catch-up with old workmates and friends. Hurrah. Hubby and the gal will probably make home-made pizza.
Saturday: I probably shouldn't tell you what I'm getting up to as you may get jealous. I'll give you a hint though, it'll involve champagne, cheese, pork belly, French dessert and BabyMacBeth and CorinneDazeofmylife. I know, I'm jealous of myself too.
Sunday: I'll be sulking that I'm not having champagne, cheese, pork belly, a French dessert and two fun gals for dinner. Guess I'll have a roast chicken instead...
Monday: Steak and salad.
Tuesday: Long ballet class day so I'll cook a pasta bake with chicken and chorizo I think.

So, you - what's on your menu?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

let there be light...

Typical, I've whinged and whinged and whinged about the heat and humidity - so today it's like winter. It's cold, grey and possibly even a bit nippy outside. But there's light. Thanks to the tidying I did on the weekend I don't have the depressing sight of messy rooms. And the house feels lighter thanks to a massive decluttering that took place as well.

Is there a better feeling than ditching stuff you've kept: just in case - or because you should?

In exciting news I went to the netball AGM last night and am thrilled with my netball team. I've got four members of my team from last year, and two new girls who are shooters - and another new girl who's a defence. A complete team! I've also got a co-coach - a fifteen year old who's very keen apparently.

Should be a great year!

Monday, February 21, 2011

shiny shiny

There's nothing that'll brighten up a drizzly, yet still horribly humid, day like a pair of sparkly Louboutins. Can everybody say "aaaaaahhhhhh".

Guess what I did yesterday? Not one skerrick of work. For the first time in living memory I did not do any work on a Sunday and it was bliss. Remind me to do it again sometime.

How's your week shaping up? I have our netball AGM tonight where we find out teams {fingers crossed my gal is in a team with some nice friends}. Hopefully I'll also be assigned a junior coach that I can mentor this year too. It should be fun.

Okay, off to make a coffee and get started on work.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

fabulous with a capital F

I think the only thing I love more than a touch of whimsy is a splash of fabulous. That deer's head? Quite possibly the most awesome thing I've ever seen in my life.

I wonder if I could convince my topiary-loving husband to bring this wee pet home?

everybody's got to work...

Whoah, things have been busy in this neck of the woods. You know how sometimes you get so busy that when you stop you start to notice strange things? Like the pile of washing that gets moved from my bed to the chair next to my bed, then back to my bed... Today it's going away. Then there were the empty champagne bottles in the pavillion I noticed yesterday - from last Friday night... Eeek. Unfortunately productiveness in one area of my life seems to lead to slatternliness in others.

Not today though. The hubster's away, my gal has another pal coming over, and I only have a few hours of work I need to do to catch up. After that I'm tackling the piles of clothes - and they're all going where they're meant to be. The champagne bottles have been rinsed and moved to the recycling bin - then I'll start on the living room.

Wish me luck!

Friday, February 18, 2011

flowers for friday

Honestly, those people over at Martha can always be relied upon for ideas that are just so ridiculously gorgeous they make me want to weep. Such as this.

Makes me want to gather my egg cups {or espresso cups} and come up with a similar arrangement.

Simplicity eh, there's nothing like it...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

come to mama...

How pretty would this look amidst my rather extensive perfume collection? V pretty indeed I'd imagine. The new David Jones catalogue was delivered to my in-box today and oh-my! Sadly I'm still far too traumatised by my local David Jones closing down to think about visiting. But this little pretty may end up tempting me...

Or, should I just buy it in London? Yes? Yes.

lookin' good

I'm a tad besotted with this look on the luscious Florence. Obviously her hair looks perfect {as always} but I'm also loving this couture update on Bjork's Oscar's swan frock.


Don't you think there should be more fun in fashion?

vivez la langue - Paris

J'aime... beaucoup!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

C'mon, seriously, didn't I just write one of these yesterday? Honestly, this year continues to zoom on by. But, nonetheless, here's what we'll be eating this week.
Wednesday: Roast chicken. I've got a hankering for the stuff, so roast chicken it is.
Thursday: Our gal's got ballet twice a week this year - and is always starvational afterwards. So I think I'll have to make pork cutlets, wilted spinach and mashed pumpkin {with sweet potato chips for my non-pumpkin eating gal}
Friday: Okay, the hubster's away for a golfing weekend {don't worry - I'm away with some fab gals next weekend!} and my gal has a pal for a sleepover. We might make chicken gozleme - the gals will love that.
Saturday: I'm taking my gal out to dinner. There's a place that does dumplings a few suburbs over and I'm going to sate my cravings. We might also catch a screening of Gnomeo and Juliet while we're there...
Sunday: The hubster returns - possibly with a two-day hangover. Roast beef dinner shall soothe that I'd imagine.
Monday: pasta with chicken and chorizo. Mmmmm.
Tuesday: long day of ballet - classes finish at 6.30pm. Salmon patties with roasted vegies and salad will do the trick I'd imagine.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

gwynnie's shoe

Dancing atop a slippery grand piano in these Christian Louboutin Colourblock Booties? Gwyneth, that's the epitome of fierce.

sleepy head

I went to bed last night at 8.30 - I know! Of course, it did have the side effect that I woke at 11.15pm completely refreshed... Honestly, what's the secret to a good night's sleep? I know it involves not being woken in the night by small beings {thank goodness those days are behind us}. And, I must say, our new comfy mattress is certainly helping to send me off to the land of nod more deeply.

Perhaps it involves this gorgeous screen behind the bed in this shot? I was so excited when I found this image that I neglected to take note of where it's from - but gee, it's glorious isn't it?

What's your dream bedroom?

grammy awesomeness

So, we had Cee Lo in an enormous feathered neckfrill and gigantic sequins skullcap, muppet back up singers, a freaky little pug-muppet/Cee Lo doppleganger bopping aside the piano and Gwyneth looking 9 million shades of awesome {loved her hair, her plunging neckline, her earrings, her SHOES!}



Monday, February 14, 2011


Here are a few fabulous frocks from the Baftas. The colour of Julianne Moore's frock is giving me palpitations. She arrived on the arm of Tom Ford so I'm assuming it's one of his creations.


Thandie's frock may well be my fave - the structure, the colour, the pattern oh my!

Emma Watson looks adorable as ever.

And Colin, just because...

coffee love

Check out the coffees I made for me and my hubster this morning - both with a wee accidental loveheart in the middle. {Seriously, I don't think I could have created them if I'd really tried.}

Happy Valentines Day!

ssssso ssssssexay

I must admit, I do like me a bit of snakeskin {except for last week when there was a snakeskin, on the road RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR OF MY CAR - I know, where was the freakin' snake?} But, I digress...

After being v envious of Mrs Woog's snakeskin shoe bargain, and then having a friend come to dinner at my house on that same night of envy {wearing the same, heavily discounted shoes - I kid you not} I've got me a spot of snakeskin craving.

So these pink Miu Miu numbers are more than tickling my fancy - they've got my fancy in hysterics! Would these not make the ideal Valentine outfit when combined with something ever-so-scarlet? Oh yes indeedy they would.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

customer service?

Today I'd finally had enough and went out to buy a new telephone for my study {I know, I've been complaining for years about my old phone...}. So, after doing some research on-line we went to a store, let's call them The Bad Boys shall we? Why I continue to go to this store is beyond me. Despite their all-singing, all-dancing ads, they refuse to offer me the one thing I require when I step into a store - service.

Nobody caught our eye. Nobody came to see if we were okay when we stood in front of the phones for 15 minutes. Not the guy who assiduously stared at everything except us, not any of the others who bustled past us, doing lordy knows what. Not serving us apparently.

So we left, and went to Domayne - just up the road. We were very quickly served by the nicest of guys, talked us through all the options, explained a problem with plastic keys on phones {apparently the numbers can wear off - particularly if you're like me and tend to dial with your fingernails...} So we walked out of there with two new phones, he had a good sale - and we'll go back there again.

You can take your singing and dancing Bad Boys - just give me customer service - it's why I didn't buy the phone cheaper on-line!

just lovely

Now, while I don't tend to do anything special for Valentine's Day, these pretties I spied over at Martha's have got me mighty tempted...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

and relax...

Okay, so I may be feeling a tad on the seedy side today - just a tad... We had friends for dinner last night and a fair amount of champagne washed down the french cheese, duck confit, pear, pecan and rocket salad {with a yummy dressing: apple cider vinegar, olive oil, seeded mustard, cinnamon, lime juice and honey - shaken and yum}. For afters our friends brought along a Apple in Wonderland cake - which was divine! It was quite the perfect night, except my friend's sister came along and I spent the whole night coveting her hair {yep, you guessed it, she's a gorgeous redhead}. I did have to explain to her my love of a titan hue so she didn't get too creeped out by my constant wistful gazing in her head's general direction.

I would quite like to be lying on this hammock today - but that shan't be happening. I have two gals to entertain this morning, then this afternoon my french study-buddy is coming over so we can do our french homework together {hopefully - it's already really difficult and we're only in week one!}

Tonight the gal's at a pal's for a sleepover so it's just me and hubby. We might even find ourselves something to do as we have free babysitting. Movies perhaps?

So, tell me all about you. What are your plans for this fabulous february weekend?

Friday, February 11, 2011

sweet tooth

Cupcakes spotted in a Melbourne patisserie.

I know.

{It's a dodgy, through the glass shot, after too many lemondrop martinis - but let me tell you, the quilting on the Chanel cupcake was TO-DIE!}

flowers for friday

I bought this gorgeous bunch of multi-coloured roses from the markets last Saturday. Popped into a little blue jug they are quite possibly perfection. A few have nodded and died off, but most of the bunch is still going strong. Fabulous.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sooooo sleeeeeeepy

Oh my - I seem to be having one of those "can't seem to wake-up" days. Best get some coffee in my system - stat!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

I'm still not quite back into the swing of things - but I am loving the sense of normalcy that my gal being back at school brings. Ahhhhhh.
This week we're eating:
Tonight: Vietnamese chicken salad - I'm going to poach then shred some chicken breast, toss them with loads of finely julienned salad vegies, some peanuts and a yummy dressing.
Thursday: Salmon and salad
Friday: Friends to dinner. It's the first of our monthly "Duck Night" evenings. Duck confit, salad, potatoes roasted in duck fat - and a vegetarian option for one guest {I know - tragedy that she won't get to eat the duck!}
Saturday: BBQ steak and salad
Sunday: Roast chicken and vegies I think
Monday: Pork cutlets, mango and avocado salad
Tuesday: Busy day: French lessons and Ballet for the gal. Hubby can cook up steak and vegies.

So there you go. Aside from the duck it's a pretty light eating week. We're trying to lighten up our meals at the moment - and I'm determined to find the time to walk every day too. Gotta get fit for France!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

bloggy birthday

Can you believe how quickly my bloggy baby's growing up? Yep, way back in 2008 I started this wee blog, just as a form of exercise really - and now, well, it's so much more than that. It's the perfect way of connecting when you work from home - even though lately I've been busy and haven't had much time for commenting {I'm still reading before and after work though!}. I've met friends through blogging that I have so much in common with. I've shared lives: ups, downs, sideways... I've learned so much from the world of blogging. I've been staggered by honesty and blown away by what some people are capable of.

You're all pretty damned awesome - you know that?

I really, really want to thank you all. For those who've been there almost since the start {Sara Rose - that'll be you} to all my more recent friends. Thank you. Sincerely.

Monday, February 07, 2011

my lovely valentin{o}

Oh me oh my, how I wish these were in my shoe closet. Oh Valentino, you do know how to make a gal smile...

Sunday, February 06, 2011

about last night

The night started with blood orange martinis and lots of 80s eyeshadow. In the middle was an abundance of champagne and dancing, and it ended with gin and tonics and a loooooooooong wait for a taxi.

Last night was a friend's 40th and oh what a night. She frocked up in her Year 12 formal dress {I know!} and almost everyone dressed a la 1980s. What a sight and what a night. We moved from champagne and finger food on the terrace onto a club for a night of 80s music {the cool stuff}.

Awesome stuff.

Thankfully after a swim my head {and legs!} are starting to recover...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

room for improvement

So, we're getting new couches soon. Woo hoo. So grown up! At the moment we've got a two seater couch that was just perfect for our teeny one bedroom apartment we started out in - but too small for this living room and our family. And a cane day bed that we're going to paint and pop in the pavillion by the pool. So we've bought two, pale french blue two and a half seater couches {long enough for me to stretch out and lay down on, and just a teensy bit shorter than a three seater. Perfect!}. They match perfectly with a Laura Ashley rug we bought on sale yonks ago - when we were thinking about buying a charcoal couch - so that's serendipitious. Now we just need colour.

I'd love some vintage french style cushions in grey and taupe - but I also need a pop of colour on there. Pale blue and cherry red are one of my fave colour combos - so I've been searching the net trying to find a suitable cushion.

Guess what? I found one in my own neighbourhood.

Driving home from Sydney last night I drove past one of my fave shops, Shabby Shelia's in Hamilton. Guess what's in the window? Big, plump white cushions with cherry red blowsy roses on them - just what I'd had in my head. We're off to check them out today. Now, just to count down the three weeks or so till we get the new couches!

Friday, February 04, 2011

friday flowers

Oh yes please! Peonies are always perfect, but when they're wrapped in crisp brown paper and offset with this gorgeous green {stuff} then they're trebly delicious.

Le sigh-a-rama.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

oh so awesome

Honestly, Kate Spade - so damned pretty. I love so many things about this image: and, naturally, the shoes and the bag in particular.

I'm also rather fond of that slogan. When was the last time you flirted? With adventure, your lover, your friends? Think about it - flirting, not teasing. It's got a lot to offer: avid attention, sweet smiles, tender touches, compliments. I think we all need a wee bit more flirting in our life. And I'm going to start, now.

{Hey, I like your hair like that...} x

what's cooking wednesday

Phew, back in the real world - at last. No more school holidays!! So it's back to normal cooking - and a new routine to account for after-school activities. Here goes:
Tonight: Last night we had a simple steak and salad, so tonight I might just cook up some salmon and salad on the bbq - I'm presuming this hot weather's continuing...
Thursday: Oh yes, I've done it again - invited friends for a mid-week dinner. The two couples {with kids} are bringing pre-dinner nibbles and dessert so I only have to worry about the main. I'll cook up an enormous pork belly and serve it with an apple, oak leaf lettuce and walnut salad, a lemon potato salad and lots of baguettes.
Friday: I'm in Sydney all day leaving hubby and daughter to cook. I think they'll whip up some Mexican. Perhaps chicken burritos - easy to heat when I come home.
Saturday: I'm off to a 40th - all 80s inspired. We're meant to frock up in 80s garb so I'm channelling early Madonna. Oh yes I am.
Sunday: Roast chicken, some roasted veg and salad sounds like a cleansing option.
Monday: Salmon patties and salad.
Tuesday: our new big day. The gal has ballet till 5.30 and I've got French Lessons starting at 6pm - so our paths shall barely cross. It's a slow-cooker or a "here's something I've prepared earlier" kinda night. Chorizo pasta bake perhaps...

Phew. How's your week panning out?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

and ahhhhhh

I may well kiss the school gates this morning. Passionately. Yep, it's my gal's first day back at school {technically it's meant to be her second - but, um, we were still in Melbourne yesterday thanks to a typo in her school newsletter...}. She's beyond excited about going - and being a buddy to her little kinder friend. I still can't believe that my lil baby is going into year 6 - the last year of primary!!!

The lunchbox is packed, water's chilled and in her new stainless steel bottle, fruit break's ready {miraculously we had just enough green grapes in the fridge for her}. Phew.

Life's back to normal - gotta love that.