Sunday, February 06, 2011

about last night

The night started with blood orange martinis and lots of 80s eyeshadow. In the middle was an abundance of champagne and dancing, and it ended with gin and tonics and a loooooooooong wait for a taxi.

Last night was a friend's 40th and oh what a night. She frocked up in her Year 12 formal dress {I know!} and almost everyone dressed a la 1980s. What a sight and what a night. We moved from champagne and finger food on the terrace onto a club for a night of 80s music {the cool stuff}.

Awesome stuff.

Thankfully after a swim my head {and legs!} are starting to recover...


  1. And it's 11am and you've already posted? You're a legend!

    Sounds like an ace night :)

  2. LOL! Any bacon and eggs needed to act as blotting paper this morning?

  3. Sounds like a fun night - hope someone took photos to immortalise the rerun 80s fashions. Happy Sunday xxx

  4. I too would love to see photos :O) I'm an 80 chick from way back then - I'd feel right at home.

  5. I want to know which club in Newie plays 80's music!

  6. Sounds like the hangover was worth it! xo

  7. My lil sis had an 80's theme 30th a few years back & I am proud to say I managed to squeeze into my 80's era formal dress (I'll admit to having more in the bust line now than I did then, it was a squeeze!) Hair with lace & a big teased cocky fringe & super amounts of 80's green eyeshadow...had a blast. Family photo is a treasured possession as mum & dad joined the fun & wore clothes they had worn & loved in the 80's.

    Bet you're glad the southerly has arrived....not nice to recover from a big night in the heat!!


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