Tuesday, February 01, 2011

and ahhhhhh

I may well kiss the school gates this morning. Passionately. Yep, it's my gal's first day back at school {technically it's meant to be her second - but, um, we were still in Melbourne yesterday thanks to a typo in her school newsletter...}. She's beyond excited about going - and being a buddy to her little kinder friend. I still can't believe that my lil baby is going into year 6 - the last year of primary!!!

The lunchbox is packed, water's chilled and in her new stainless steel bottle, fruit break's ready {miraculously we had just enough green grapes in the fridge for her}. Phew.

Life's back to normal - gotta love that.


  1. Yay for school! I now appreciate it oh so much!

  2. Gorgeous little lunch bag. Glad for some routine again? x

  3. You know, a couple of years ago I couldn't have imagined thinking this way with my then 2yo.... But these summer holidays (and her idle and hungry-to-seek-and-learn 4.5yo mind) have caused me to really appreciate school too! I have one more year to go with her at home, mind you, but I feel so much less claustrophobic now I can say "you're going to school next year!"

  4. Year 6, she'll own the school. They really start to learn responsibility & study habits now, just in time for the real deal, high school. Love Posie

  5. Gotta love it... Cappers started today and I thought my heart would burst with pride. She was so calm and... ready!!!

    Maxi-Taxi still carrying on from when he started LAST year. They couldn't be more different.

    Enjoy your return to routine and quieter days, PPMJ. x

  6. I think it's so great that your girl loves school! xx.

  7. Oh Corinne that's sooooo true.
    Kymmie - isn't it delish!
    Being Me - oh yeah, when they need to go, they need to go!
    Posie, I can't quite believe it, but yep, it's true.
    Oh Maxabella, bless their little socks!
    Belinda - me too!!!!

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