Saturday, February 12, 2011

and relax...

Okay, so I may be feeling a tad on the seedy side today - just a tad... We had friends for dinner last night and a fair amount of champagne washed down the french cheese, duck confit, pear, pecan and rocket salad {with a yummy dressing: apple cider vinegar, olive oil, seeded mustard, cinnamon, lime juice and honey - shaken and yum}. For afters our friends brought along a Apple in Wonderland cake - which was divine! It was quite the perfect night, except my friend's sister came along and I spent the whole night coveting her hair {yep, you guessed it, she's a gorgeous redhead}. I did have to explain to her my love of a titan hue so she didn't get too creeped out by my constant wistful gazing in her head's general direction.

I would quite like to be lying on this hammock today - but that shan't be happening. I have two gals to entertain this morning, then this afternoon my french study-buddy is coming over so we can do our french homework together {hopefully - it's already really difficult and we're only in week one!}

Tonight the gal's at a pal's for a sleepover so it's just me and hubby. We might even find ourselves something to do as we have free babysitting. Movies perhaps?

So, tell me all about you. What are your plans for this fabulous february weekend?


  1. Hosting a slumber party. What was I thinking?? No relaxing here tonight x

  2. That dinner sounds amazing! I hope you get to do something fun tonight since you're child-free. I suspect we'll be watching Toy Story 3 - AGAIN!

  3. Oh Mrs Woog - you're a good one x

    Ah Jacki, I know - not sure what child-free fun we'll get up to, but hopefully something!

  4. I really like that hammock. I hope you enjoyed your day and aren't feeling any more (still or again).

  5. That was supposed to be aren't feeling SEEDY any more. Oh and I hope you and Mr PPMJ had a lovely child free evening together.

  6. Celebrating my littlest grand-daughter's 3rd birthday and then an MRI on Saturday. Swimming and housework on Sunday. Have a great weekend PPMJ. xxx


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