Monday, February 28, 2011

the big o!

Looks I luuuuuuuuurve on the Oscar's red carpet.


  1. Agree with all your lovely choices (especially Cate! Love!) EXCEPT... the little girl look for Hailee Steinfeld is totally age appropriate, but WHAT'S WITH the 3inch heels!? Sorta creepy! x

  2. Love Cate & Florence Welsh. I feel like I've seen all the other outfits before.

  3. Oh PP Mary-Jane. Here I am ironing, watching it on the telly and thinking that you probably are too! (viewing the O's, not ironing) Wish you were here. You'd be such fab company for the shoe and dress commentary alone! Better scoot - ads are over.

  4. Cate is completely divine in that dress! It's my favourite.

    I agree with Maxabella about the high heels on Hailee Steinfeld, although, I have to give her credit- at 14 my shoe collection consisted mainly of thongs... x

  5. watching the oscars right now - though i have already googled the winners! how awful - but i always did read the last page of a book first...

    Loving Helena and Mila

    Gill xo

  6. I love CATE!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry I haven't commented more. I have been checking. Life has been crazy!


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