Thursday, February 17, 2011

come to mama...

How pretty would this look amidst my rather extensive perfume collection? V pretty indeed I'd imagine. The new David Jones catalogue was delivered to my in-box today and oh-my! Sadly I'm still far too traumatised by my local David Jones closing down to think about visiting. But this little pretty may end up tempting me...

Or, should I just buy it in London? Yes? Yes.


  1. Yes London. Paris is ridiculous for the parfum prices. And then you need to get a silver cake stand and place all perfumes upon them in your bathroom. Ok? Good girl pookie.

  2. What she said.

    Have you tried Guerlain's Idylle btw? David Jones handily sent me a sample recently. It's quite fetching.

  3. Oooooooh! I'm pinching pennies for my gift to myself when I turn 30 (a classic pearl pink chanel bag) but that? I could have to break the bank for, or a Bond No. 9 perfume . . .


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