Sunday, February 13, 2011

customer service?

Today I'd finally had enough and went out to buy a new telephone for my study {I know, I've been complaining for years about my old phone...}. So, after doing some research on-line we went to a store, let's call them The Bad Boys shall we? Why I continue to go to this store is beyond me. Despite their all-singing, all-dancing ads, they refuse to offer me the one thing I require when I step into a store - service.

Nobody caught our eye. Nobody came to see if we were okay when we stood in front of the phones for 15 minutes. Not the guy who assiduously stared at everything except us, not any of the others who bustled past us, doing lordy knows what. Not serving us apparently.

So we left, and went to Domayne - just up the road. We were very quickly served by the nicest of guys, talked us through all the options, explained a problem with plastic keys on phones {apparently the numbers can wear off - particularly if you're like me and tend to dial with your fingernails...} So we walked out of there with two new phones, he had a good sale - and we'll go back there again.

You can take your singing and dancing Bad Boys - just give me customer service - it's why I didn't buy the phone cheaper on-line!


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  2. Hi PPMJ, Had exactly the same experience with the Bad Boys. Was in desperate need of a new laptop - kidlets had tipped bottle of milk on keyboard & pulled the keys off the keyboard. Went in, prepared to spend money, but wanted to discuss options. After half an hour - no service. Off to Domayne. New PC, new mobile phone (kids had tossed mine out of the pram & it was run over - returned by a lovely person, but touch screens don't work after being run over) & a bonus new camera at no cost. Lovely service, fast. Bad Boys get no more of my money ever again!!!

  3. That was a very disappointing experience from the Bad Boys as what you call them. With what they are showing their customers, I'll never doubt that someday, they will have less and less customers as what they have right now.


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