Friday, February 11, 2011

flowers for friday

I bought this gorgeous bunch of multi-coloured roses from the markets last Saturday. Popped into a little blue jug they are quite possibly perfection. A few have nodded and died off, but most of the bunch is still going strong. Fabulous.


  1. Gorgeous!

    Goosey got given a divine bunch of roses when she got home from hospital but they carked it in the heatwave. :( So we only got a day of their beauty.

  2. What a beautiful bunch. I have some flower photos I must share. Everytime I have friends over for morning tea, there's a bunch of fresh flowers given. Don't I have the best friends ever? I love your photograph, by the way. Hipstamatic? xx

  3. Pop a copper coin in the bottom of the vase and they'll last that little bit longer! They're just beautiful x

  4. Simone, oh they are - and some of them are still kicking - in a different location! {six wee little milk bottles - cute!}

    Corinne the heat certainly affects everyone - even roses. At least she got to admire them for a bit.

    Kymmie - yep, Hipstamatic - I'm an addict x

    Maxabella, me too. Especially multi-coloured ones like this {as I only have red, pink and yellow in my garden}

    Belinda, that they are.

    Oooh Tai Tai, I'll have to try and track a coin down. Thanks for the tip x


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