Friday, February 18, 2011

flowers for friday

Honestly, those people over at Martha can always be relied upon for ideas that are just so ridiculously gorgeous they make me want to weep. Such as this.

Makes me want to gather my egg cups {or espresso cups} and come up with a similar arrangement.

Simplicity eh, there's nothing like it...


  1. so gorgeous...thanks for brightening up a misty, mountain day!

  2. I cry over at Martha's all the time. x

  3. simple is always great...I think I tend to over complicate things which is why I just marvel at people who can get creative with simplicity...Love it

    Gill xo

  4. Gorgeous! It reminds of something I did at home, I had this godawful shot glasses someone gave me once now I use them to house the little posies the girls pick for me. It looks gorgeous, esp since I'm not doing many shots these days!


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