Friday, February 25, 2011

flowers for friday

Mmmmm, lilacs - just one of my favourite flowers. But the only time I get to experience them is when I visit the Southern Highlands - which I don't mind as it gives me an excuse to visit one of my favourite parts of the world. The gorgeous flowers are just one of the things I love so much about the region. It's such a special place.

But you know what makes visiting one of your favourite parts of the world even better? Catching up with some of your favourite people in the world - that's what. So this weekend I sure will be counting my blessings as I visit my favourite village in Australia and catch up with two of my favourite bloggers, and now good friends.

Lucky, lucky, lucky me.


  1. Indeed we are! If only I could find some lilacs...shame it's the wrong time of the year. Will be sure to have something sweet smelling beside your bed {cause that's just how we roll round these parts}.

  2. I am meant to be there with you and the bloggers and the lilacs. In my best life I am anyway!! Enjoy yourselves silly. x

  3. Have a wonderful time. And yes - the Southern Highlands Rock x

  4. sounds like a great weekend for all involved! enjoy

    Gill xo

  5. Enjoy yourselves! Goes without saying actially.... xx.


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