Monday, February 14, 2011


Here are a few fabulous frocks from the Baftas. The colour of Julianne Moore's frock is giving me palpitations. She arrived on the arm of Tom Ford so I'm assuming it's one of his creations.


Thandie's frock may well be my fave - the structure, the colour, the pattern oh my!

Emma Watson looks adorable as ever.

And Colin, just because...


  1. Thandie Newton! Oh my.... stunning

  2. I ADORE Julianne's dress. I love nothing more than a midnight blue evening dress. Simply stunning.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the first two especially. Those colours, swoon!

  4. I LOVE your taste so much. ;) I adore Emma Watson and think she rarely puts a foot wrong. Same with Julianne Moore and Tom Ford is a serious genius. SO wish I had an opportunity to frock up like this. Thanks for sharing your picks.

  5. No excuses needed for Darcy. That midnight blue shade made me want to snatch it and hide it in my wardrobe just so I could sit on the floor and stroke it Gollum like...


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