Tuesday, February 22, 2011

let there be light...

Typical, I've whinged and whinged and whinged about the heat and humidity - so today it's like winter. It's cold, grey and possibly even a bit nippy outside. But there's light. Thanks to the tidying I did on the weekend I don't have the depressing sight of messy rooms. And the house feels lighter thanks to a massive decluttering that took place as well.

Is there a better feeling than ditching stuff you've kept: just in case - or because you should?

In exciting news I went to the netball AGM last night and am thrilled with my netball team. I've got four members of my team from last year, and two new girls who are shooters - and another new girl who's a defence. A complete team! I've also got a co-coach - a fifteen year old who's very keen apparently.

Should be a great year!


  1. How good does it feel to get rid of excess "stuff" I love that feeling, if only I was better at actually doing it though. Im loving the cooler weather I must say. Megan xx

  2. nothing better than a good de-cluttering, it is good for the soul!

    congrats on your netball news

    Gill xo

  3. Give me winter any day over heat and humidity... cold here too, nasty wind whistling... a lovely change (for now). gxo

  4. Weather everywhere has been so crazy this summer! xx.


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