Thursday, February 17, 2011

lookin' good

I'm a tad besotted with this look on the luscious Florence. Obviously her hair looks perfect {as always} but I'm also loving this couture update on Bjork's Oscar's swan frock.


Don't you think there should be more fun in fashion?


  1. I thought the same Bjork thoughts you did when I saw this dress. It really suits her - body wise as well as personality.

    She's great!

  2. Not too keen on the feathers personally, but more fun in fashion, yes!

  3. More fun, yes please! Everything is so staid and boring these days. Everyone has a stylist so (most) everyone gets it 'right'. There are not that many individual looks around so I cherish them when we find them. x

  4. I think this is fab. At Paris and NY Fashion week, there was a pink hair trend and I call THAT fab fun. But anyways, this? The colors are magnifico. Love it.


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