Wednesday, February 02, 2011

oh so awesome

Honestly, Kate Spade - so damned pretty. I love so many things about this image: and, naturally, the shoes and the bag in particular.

I'm also rather fond of that slogan. When was the last time you flirted? With adventure, your lover, your friends? Think about it - flirting, not teasing. It's got a lot to offer: avid attention, sweet smiles, tender touches, compliments. I think we all need a wee bit more flirting in our life. And I'm going to start, now.

{Hey, I like your hair like that...} x


  1. Oh PPMJ you saucy minx, no I love YOUR hair like that. And have you done something different with your eyes today? Looking extra fabulous x

  2. Ha! Thanks doll - and, as you know, I DO like your hair like that... x

  3. This outfit is perfect, I love finding great pics to inspire, thank you!


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