Monday, February 21, 2011

shiny shiny

There's nothing that'll brighten up a drizzly, yet still horribly humid, day like a pair of sparkly Louboutins. Can everybody say "aaaaaahhhhhh".

Guess what I did yesterday? Not one skerrick of work. For the first time in living memory I did not do any work on a Sunday and it was bliss. Remind me to do it again sometime.

How's your week shaping up? I have our netball AGM tonight where we find out teams {fingers crossed my gal is in a team with some nice friends}. Hopefully I'll also be assigned a junior coach that I can mentor this year too. It should be fun.

Okay, off to make a coffee and get started on work.


  1. Love those shoes! YUMMY.

    Average week here.

  2. That is one cracklingly hot pair of stilts - am loving them silly!

    Felicity x

  3. It's Monday morning so of course that means vacuuming - because PPMJ told me so! If only I could do it in those beauties it would be a whole lot more fun x

  4. oh they are so pretty, I want a pair and I don't even wear highheels. I'm off to get me some coffee too!

  5. good on you on taking a day off! i am learning that mastering The Art of Doing Nothing is not always as easy as it looks but that we should ALL schedule a day of nothing into our lives every now and then...

    Saying that, we are on holiday and so the start to our week will involve sunbeds, pools, beach, reading and cocktails....hmmmm

  6. I NEED those shoes.

    Monday is shopping morning in our place. So groceries have been purchased and meal planning completed.
    Now, if someone could come and tidy my house I'd be most grateful.


  7. The Badoo is mad for sparkly shoes. She would be clomping around in these babies 24/7. She can actually work a stileto better than me! x

  8. Methinks that those pretties would go with every dress I own & could even work with jeans!! Floors done & completed BAS this morning with Miss 3 & Master 2 playing cubbies under my desk & no coffee in me, but am about to remedy that...Productive morning...deserves sparkly shoes!!


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