Monday, February 14, 2011

ssssso ssssssexay

I must admit, I do like me a bit of snakeskin {except for last week when there was a snakeskin, on the road RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR OF MY CAR - I know, where was the freakin' snake?} But, I digress...

After being v envious of Mrs Woog's snakeskin shoe bargain, and then having a friend come to dinner at my house on that same night of envy {wearing the same, heavily discounted shoes - I kid you not} I've got me a spot of snakeskin craving.

So these pink Miu Miu numbers are more than tickling my fancy - they've got my fancy in hysterics! Would these not make the ideal Valentine outfit when combined with something ever-so-scarlet? Oh yes indeedy they would.

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  1. I always forget that you're such a lover of fine footwear, that I never check what you're wearing when I see you.

    Those heels are very lovely. xx


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