Wednesday, February 02, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

Phew, back in the real world - at last. No more school holidays!! So it's back to normal cooking - and a new routine to account for after-school activities. Here goes:
Tonight: Last night we had a simple steak and salad, so tonight I might just cook up some salmon and salad on the bbq - I'm presuming this hot weather's continuing...
Thursday: Oh yes, I've done it again - invited friends for a mid-week dinner. The two couples {with kids} are bringing pre-dinner nibbles and dessert so I only have to worry about the main. I'll cook up an enormous pork belly and serve it with an apple, oak leaf lettuce and walnut salad, a lemon potato salad and lots of baguettes.
Friday: I'm in Sydney all day leaving hubby and daughter to cook. I think they'll whip up some Mexican. Perhaps chicken burritos - easy to heat when I come home.
Saturday: I'm off to a 40th - all 80s inspired. We're meant to frock up in 80s garb so I'm channelling early Madonna. Oh yes I am.
Sunday: Roast chicken, some roasted veg and salad sounds like a cleansing option.
Monday: Salmon patties and salad.
Tuesday: our new big day. The gal has ballet till 5.30 and I've got French Lessons starting at 6pm - so our paths shall barely cross. It's a slow-cooker or a "here's something I've prepared earlier" kinda night. Chorizo pasta bake perhaps...

Phew. How's your week panning out?


  1. What is sad is that both you and I probably still own a lot of the Madonna-ish attire. Just been shoved to the back of the wardrobe in the "one day..." section.

  2. Oh, hon. Did you see my post on my 80s Madonna outfit I wore for an 80s themed 40th recenlty?! I have some stuff if you need it!


  3. Oh Madmother, how right you are...

    Thanks Jodie, but, as MadMother suggested, I think I've got it all pretty well covered. Shall have to pop back and revisit your post anyway - love me a bit of inspiration!


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