Wednesday, February 09, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

I'm still not quite back into the swing of things - but I am loving the sense of normalcy that my gal being back at school brings. Ahhhhhh.
This week we're eating:
Tonight: Vietnamese chicken salad - I'm going to poach then shred some chicken breast, toss them with loads of finely julienned salad vegies, some peanuts and a yummy dressing.
Thursday: Salmon and salad
Friday: Friends to dinner. It's the first of our monthly "Duck Night" evenings. Duck confit, salad, potatoes roasted in duck fat - and a vegetarian option for one guest {I know - tragedy that she won't get to eat the duck!}
Saturday: BBQ steak and salad
Sunday: Roast chicken and vegies I think
Monday: Pork cutlets, mango and avocado salad
Tuesday: Busy day: French lessons and Ballet for the gal. Hubby can cook up steak and vegies.

So there you go. Aside from the duck it's a pretty light eating week. We're trying to lighten up our meals at the moment - and I'm determined to find the time to walk every day too. Gotta get fit for France!


  1. That all sound delish (esp the Vietnamese salad and Duck Night, oh how I love duck, even better than pork).

  2. Please supply the salad dressing for tonights dinner - am craving that!

  3. Sounds wonderful! I'm with Corinne - love a duck (always think of my darling dad when I see duck on a menu & have to order it).

    Walking should be easier this week than last. I couldn't do it last week, my walks to beach were too hot - & even if I jumped in & cooled off I still had to walk home again, besides my lovely Merewether beach was too crowded, I'd have lost the bubbies in amongst the crowds!!

  4. Firstly that kitchen is divine. And secondly, can I eat at your place. Of course I'm vegetarian and that might just suck. But I'm still wanting you put out an extra plate. Here's to your walks and routine. *Clink*

  5. That kitchen sink, oh my! Wow, never thought I would exclaim with delight about a kitchen sink. Great photo. I love popping in to what's cooking wednesday for a little inspiration every now and then. That Vietnamese chicken salad sounds delish. Enjoy. Alison x


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