Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

Even though I'm pretty sure that last week I would have only managed around a 50 per cent success-rate with cooking to my plan, I'm still going to persist. Some weeks I manage to cook 100 per cent of the recipes on the list, others it can be as low as 25 per cent when life gets in the way... Here's what I'm going to attempt this week:
Wednesday: My gal's got a fitness and footwork session for netball, followed by umpiring classes. She'll be starvational when she gets home. So I'll have a beef curry and rice ready to serve - cooked in the slow cooker I think. Mmmmmm. Let's hope that we've got another cold day in store.
Thursday: Ballet class for the gal, so salmon patties, green beans, sweet potato chips and mash will be the flavour of today.
Friday: I'm off to Sydney for dinner to catch-up with old workmates and friends. Hurrah. Hubby and the gal will probably make home-made pizza.
Saturday: I probably shouldn't tell you what I'm getting up to as you may get jealous. I'll give you a hint though, it'll involve champagne, cheese, pork belly, French dessert and BabyMacBeth and CorinneDazeofmylife. I know, I'm jealous of myself too.
Sunday: I'll be sulking that I'm not having champagne, cheese, pork belly, a French dessert and two fun gals for dinner. Guess I'll have a roast chicken instead...
Monday: Steak and salad.
Tuesday: Long ballet class day so I'll cook a pasta bake with chicken and chorizo I think.

So, you - what's on your menu?


  1. Any meal plan I'm involved in I like. I like very much!

  2. Particularly this one with all the yummy food groups!

  3. cooking sounds lovely just about now, huh?... yummy.. :)



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