Friday, April 08, 2011

and ahhhhhhhhhhh

The fact that it's FINALLY the weekend deserves a fabulous frock. A fabulous VINTAGE DIOR frock nonetheless. I found this over at Greige and am utterly besotted. Besotted.

Hey, you know how on Monday I found my ideal renewal of the wedding vow shoes? Well, hello, how's this for a frock to match? {Why yes I will have to have a few ribs removed to fit that wasp waist, but pshaw, ribs, what have they done for me lately?}

Now, if you'll excuse me there's some wine in the fridge that has been shouting out my name since, oh, I don't know, 10am... {I know, at least I've ignored it till official drinking hour}


  1. We should all be able to wear frock like that more than just the one time it's allowed on our wedding day!! I LOVE this! Great way to start the weekend....

  2. Those shoes and this dress - yep - now when are you renewing those vows and do we all get invited? Imagine if Kate wore something like this to her wedding to William - I really hope she does rather than traditional. Have a great weekend. xxx

  3. Not sure what I love more - the frock OR your use of the word pshaw.

  4. I know, and I love your casual reference to ribs. They ARE so over-rated. I have a wasp's waist but tuck-shop arms. I'd love skinny arms to go with this dress.

    Bon week-end mon amie.


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