Saturday, April 23, 2011

come fly with me

Obviously I need no encouragement to fly to Paris, but for those who do, don't you think these fabulous posters by David Klein would help the travel bug hit hard? There's a gorgeous range of his work over at Flavorwire - check it out.

PS: my other faves are Los Vegas and Spain {ole!}


  1. Paris, Africa and New York are my favourites, I wonder if you can get prints anywhere as they are FAB

  2. Aren't they just divine? I'm sure it's possible to buy them somewhere - might have to investigate!

  3. Ooh lah lah! Love those, If you do find out where to buy them be sure to let us know :)

  4. What a fantastic poster, I've never seen anything like it. Happy Easter..Rachaelxx


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