Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter egg hunting

Happy Easter! We're off to the Hunter Valley Gardens this morning so our gal can do a spot more egg hunting. It's a glorious day today so quite the day to visit the gardens.

Hope the Easter Bunny brought you some yummy chocolate {luckily our Easter Bunny seems fond of Lindt easter chocolate - yum}. Enjoy x


  1. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family xxx

  2. Happy Easter!!! Hope you have a lovely time at the Hunter Valley Gardens. Wini xo

  3. Happy Easter!
    I Hope you had a wonderful day at the gardens :)

  4. Thank you Kakka - you too x

    We did Wini thank you x

    Thanks Suzi, it was glorious x

  5. just lovely - thanks for sharing the smeg-ness with me :) if it's any conselation my husband thinks they are 'too retro' !!! best le xox


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