Thursday, April 07, 2011

easter hat parade

It's our Easter Hat parade at school today. Bless. And I can say "bless" rather than "dammit" because only the kinders take part in this parade, and they make the hats with their Year 6 buddy's help. As my gal's a Year 6 buddy my only role in this effort was a quick trip to Spotlight last weekend for fluffy chicks, a glitter hat, lotsa pom poms, glittery easter eggs and ribbon.

So today I'm taking my lunchbreak late and going to watch my gal hold her buddy's hand and check out the glittery, pom-pom-ridden creation.

And cry... just a little bit...


  1. Norrrr have fun!

    I can't wait to be involved with easter/xmas stuff when DD starts school.


  2. My little Kindy girl had her's yesterday. It was really sweet. She's 5 today. I'm quite gushy today at how *proud* I am of her.

  3. I bet it was just gorgeous. My little lady has hers tomorrow and I have no doubt that there will be many a tear!

  4. Post a pic of your gal and her buddy! I need unbearable cuteness!

  5. Oh I just love the idea of an Easter Bonnet Party!


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