Friday, April 01, 2011

flowers for friday

The simple things in life really are so so spectacular aren't they? I can't imagine anything prettier than lovely flowers in jars, jugs, teapots or bowls. In fact, I find it hard to put a bunch of flowers in a vase these days - it seems a bit like putting a fabulous hat on while you're wearing tracky daks.

Now, hands up who can believe it's the end of the week? Do you know that in just three months I'll be flying to the UK, then to Paris, and then to Provence? I know - shut up. It's zooming up on me so quickly I'm fearful that it'll fly by just as fast. I want to suck in every moment, I don't want to spend any second stressing or worrying - I just want to enjoy.

Same with life really. Why not enjoy it?


  1. I WILL enjoy thank you PPMJ! And I WILL enjoy seeing you head off on your big trip. Have a FAB weekend x

  2. Insanely jealous I am... Georgie x


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