Thursday, April 21, 2011

helen mirren: style guru


This is why I love Helen Mirren. This woman defies any conservative conventions about how women should dress over 40. Honestly, if someone said to you "Yeah, an over 60-year-old can totally rock a leopard print maxi dress and a leather biker jacket!" you'd look at them like they were insane. And here she is, not just rocking the look, but totally and utterly owning it.

I don't know who her stylist is but they're some kind of genius. Which probably isn't too hard when you consider what they've got to work with. But I'm in love with so many aspects of this outfit - including the hair, the make-up and accessories.

No wonder Russell keeps on finding opportunities to snog her. Lord knows that given any kind of a chance I'd be doing the same.



  1. She's brilliant isn't she. I aspire. At least in my dreams!

  2. She is certainly one well put together woman isn't she? I only wish x

  3. Gals, you know what? I think a lot of it's in the attitude too. Love her so much.

  4. I JUST read a back issue of Bust mag with a huge interview of her . . . she is her own stylist and made the most TERRIFIC comment "Whoever said being sexier as they get older should be avoided like the plague should be horsewhipped then shot. I happen to like myself, being sexy, oh and sex a lot." Attagirl!

  5. Sara Rose - really? Her own stylist? Dammit - now I love her to bursting point. Must track down that interview - I love Bust mag.

  6. I have *such* a girlcrush on Helen Mirren. I think she is entirely fabulous.

    And as someone who DETESTS animal print - she somehow makes this almost work (lol - it's as good as you're getitng from me. I hate leopard print).

    She is utterly fabulous!


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