Saturday, April 30, 2011

holy royal wedding batman

Now that's what I call a wedding frock. Absolutely flawless. And it was Sarah Burton for McQueen. Bliss. There is no detail that I'm not in love with - from the modestly pretty neckline, the row of covered buttons, the glorious weight of the fabric, the pretty bustle. Divine.

And the bouquet is just so pretty. Is it Lilly of the Valley do you think? Whatever, it's just lovely - a simple posy that doesn't overwhelm the outfit.

Oh, and the TREES in Westminster Abbey - I loved that. Now please, head over to GoFugYourself and immerse yourself in all their fabulous photos and usual genius commentary.



  1. Totally agree, beautiful dress, love the lace, love the neckline, love the covered buttons & love the small bouquet, does not distract. Love that she handed William the bouquet as she got out of carriage & he looked slightly foolish with it, but so besotted as well.
    duBlessings on them. May they have a long, happy life together.

  2. I agree with your views, and also fell in love with Kate's dress today when I watched the ceremony! I thought that it was extremely elegant and she looked flawless.


  3. Loved it, I thought it was magical!

  4. I thought it looked like Lily of the Valley - and thought of you!

  5. Apparently the bouquet included a stem of Sweet William.

  6. TFI - I know, wasn't it all just so gorgeous. All those lovely little details.

    Liha, yes, elegant and flawless indeed.

    Jacki, wasn't it just so fabulous!

    Beth - bless your socks - could you hear me squeeing even at your house?

    Siobhan, that's such a lovely detail. I'm hunting out something pretty at the farmer's markets tomorrow.

    Belinda - me too! Every glorious little detail.

  7. Lily of the Valley for sure. It's the perfect time of year for it in England - it has such a short season...April in UK, Oct in Aust...

    (I had Lily of the Valley too....I adore it.)

  8. Loved it. Loved it all. Her dress. His uniform. The trees. Even the choir music. Divine!



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